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54 - Mt Emily

56 - Wenaha

57 - Sled Springs

58 - Chesnimnus

59 - Snake River

60 - Minam

61 - Imnaha

Statewide Raffle and Auctions tags also available



Specializing in Statewide Raffle and Auction Tags



Mountain Goat


Hunts: Projects
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OBO fully guided hunts are all inclusive 1:1 hunts with meals, lodging, beverages, cooking, and transportation during hunt included. With our professional guides, your mind will be at ease knowing pre-scouting, field judging, trophy prep, and meat care will be seen to by a caring and passionate outdoorsman.


Semi-guided hunts are also all inclusive 1:2 hunts with meals, lodging, beverages, cooking, and transportation during hunt included. Semi-guided hunts are for a group of 2 or more hunters. The guide will rotate from day to day with each hunter or accompany all hunters at once.​

Supplied Drop Camps

Our supplied camps we give you everything you need to make your hunt comfortable. We provide everything except food, hunting gear, and personal items. This includes 1 riding horse and 1 mule per hunter (additional mules available; $175 per head.) Each pack animal can carry up to 120 lbs or the bulk of two large duffle bags. No stock will be left in camp. Our Supplied Camp Hunts are up to 10 days long.  For a complete list of what we supply check out our Supplies Included List.

Meat Packs

This service includes just the packing of meat from a location a horse and mule can get (typically on main forest service trail) to your vehicle at the nearest trailhead or road.

Scouting Packages

Pre-scouting can be done by our crew here at OBO. Scouting includes pictures and locations of trophy class animals. Scouting packages can be explained in better detail over the phone.

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